April showers



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4 thoughts on “April showers

  1. Wow! You really captured April in the Pacific Northwest so well. The rain, the flowers in bloom, the umbrella, all of it! I really like that you have a few close-up shots, mixed with the scenery shots. Congrats on your new blog! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. sharon richards on said:

    Hi, Eden. I know your mom and dad 🙂 These are beautiful photos. You have an eye for this. I’m glad you’ve started this blog. Keep on with snapping photos that catch your eye and imagination.

  3. Tonya on said:

    Looking good! I love the up close of the tree. Good focus on that one. I think that on a grey day, you should totally do a shoot with Cate and that Victoria Secret Umbrella. Mostly cause the pink would be a great contrast to the grey 🙂 There’s my photo request! Glad you started the blog. I’ll be stalking you……

  4. EDEN! You ROCK!

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