Sometimes I’m shocked by the pictures I take.DSC_0010  It sounds kind of stuck-up, but sometimes I’m amazed that I can make the world look like that. Sometimes the beauty just stops me in my tracks, and I’ll just sit there staring. Sometimes nature causes my breath to catch in my throat.DSC_0893    I love when I can just capture the moments that are taken for granted. The things that we let pass us by every day. The opportunities that will never come again, but we never notice. DSC_0216  I love the details. The simple things that all add up to the vibrant world we live in. I love simplicity. I love the basics. DSC_0912  My sister will laugh at me for taking pictures of the every day things, the things I love the most. I understand and appreciate the little things. Like I said, they all add up.Life (136)  Not everybody thinks this way, and that’s fine. I can have my own opinion. But I hope they all understand what I’m trying to say. I love photography because I can take what we’re used to and show everybody how lucky we are to have it. How if we didn’t, nothing would be the same. I love being able to use every shot to convey a message stronger than anything I could say with words. And I love how everyone will understand it a little differently.DSC_0748         Everything deserves to be seen. Everything is beautiful. Everything is needed. Everything counts.DSC_0068

“A picture’s worth a thousand words”


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5 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Rachelle Mee-Chapman on said:

    I am at a conference, listening to Karen Walrond talk about beauty, and you just made three grown women who are in this session with me cry.

    The way you see the world is so amazing Eden. Thank you for capturing it for us.

  2. Beautiful – well said.

  3. Lynette on said:

    Loving the rose, my favorite one. I will be back!

  4. Auntie Becky on said:

    Lovely Eden! =)

  5. Tonya on said:

    I love the details too. You have a great perspective, darling!

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