I can cook. Did you know that?

Yesterday our friend Michelle came over for dinner. I dragged the standing fan up from the basement to battle the 80-degree-heat that attacks us weak north-westerners for two days every year in Seattle and, armed with my new cookbook, made us dinner. Usually cooking is a pleasant experience for me, but today… oh well, it ended up tasting fine anyways. And the dog didn’t mind me dropping scraps on the floor.DSC_0008DSC_0007DSC_0006DSC_0024DSC_0014DSC_0012DSC_0018DSC_0026DSC_0027DSC_0016DSC_0020

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6 thoughts on “I can cook. Did you know that?

  1. Tonya on said:

    Well cooked and photographed. Great multi-tasking! I love the shot of the cookbook and the one of Sammers on your lap. What a cutie he is!

    • E-Claire on said:

      I didn’t get as many photos as I had hoped to… I was kinda busy yelling at the potatoes to “just cook already!!!” 😛

  2. Tonya on said:

    Yeah…potatos are like that…JERKS!

    • E-Claire on said:

      I know! They’re like “Oh, we grow under a bunch of dirt, that makes us better than this broccoli. Let the broccoli cook and we’ll just sit here all crunchy!”

      • Tonya on said:

        I would think living all dirty like that wouldn’t give one a sense of entitlement, but I suppose I’m not a potato, so how would I know?

      • Eden on said:

        That’s the point. They’re delusional. They have a false sense of power, when really they should be treated as the underdogs. Spuds are known to be self-centered.

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