Nothing but blue skies

Today it is HOT. Not the kind of let’s put on our capris and open the windows hot. The shorts-and-spaghetti-straps, turn on all the fans, sweaty, sticky, sunscreen-y skin kind of hot. It makes you want to go swimming, and so you drive to the lake with the windows down and the radio turned up and as soon as you get there you jump in, and your sunscreen makes oily patterns in the water. And when you dive under the cold water surrounds you like a silky blanket and if it were any cooler outside you’d be freezing, but it’s just hot enough that when you come up for air you don’t start shivering because the sun just dries you off in seconds.
That’s how hot it is.
 DSC_0002 (2)
This is one of the many joys of Seattle: we live here ten months of the year in the wet and the gray so that we can enjoy the beautiful July and August sun. So far the weather hasn’t been holding up its end of the deal, but we’ve had a two-day heat streak. We’re enjoying while it lasts!

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