Shaughn & Melissa

This is the wedding of Shaughn & Melissa (and my trip there). Congratulations!DSC_0001DSC_0012DSC_0020DSC_0360DSC_0107DSC_0129DSC_0100DSC_0200DSC_0221DSC_0349DSC_0410DSC_0342DSC_0444DSC_0136DSC_0165DSC_0153DSC_0113DSC_0161DSC_0167DSC_0470DSC_0331DSC_0371  (I just had to share this last one, because there’s never any pictures of the photographer.)DSC_0535DSC_0526DSC_0518DSC_0574DSC_0560  Home again.

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2 thoughts on “Shaughn & Melissa

  1. Okay, these are seriously AMAZING photos! I love your point of view and how you see the world around you. Keep it up!

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