Pocket Pictures

So, I haven’t really been around much this summer, have I? I have a giant pile of unedited photos from the beginning of 2012 to now, and virtually no new photos since the 4th of July on my computer to speak of. But the photos on my phone, however, are never-ending.

Since I’ve discovered an Intagram-like app for the Windows Phone (yes, I’m a Microsoft girl) I’ve been neglecting my Nikon for the more portable and less breakable camera on my phone.

I whipped it out when we decorated the playhouse in our backyard, when I was babysitting, when we went on boat rides, to concerts, and on a trip to the Olympic National Park. Small animals, street art, Priddy in the City, and my birthday goodies were all captured.

Until I’ve edited the photos I have (which may be a long while, as school starts on Wednesday – yikes!), here is my summer captured in my pocket.

1048ecdf-5468-499e-b7e3-280d86daa261 (2)ThumbaCam_2012-06-20_16-17-48303c5b83-b520-4410-bcd8-5e2a70a80955ThumbaCam_2012-05-25_11-02-11ThumbaCam_2012-05-25_14-41-34ThumbaCam_2012-06-23_19-23-39ThumbaCam_2012-07-01_16-01-40ThumbaCam_2012-07-11_12-00-34ThumbaCam_2012-07-11_16-53-49ThumbaCam_2012-06-30_13-04-22ThumbaCam_2012-07-04_15-22-26ThumbaCam_2012-07-09_11-43-00ThumbaCam_2012-09-02_18-14-25ThumbaCam_2012-09-02_18-16-01ThumbaCam_2012-08-30_16-50-23ThumbaCam_2012-08-30_16-56-31ThumbaCam_2012-09-02_18-09-33ThumbaCam_2012-09-02_18-06-58ThumbaCam_2012-09-02_18-08-23ThumbaCam_2012-09-02_18-18-11ThumbaCam_2012-09-02_18-19-41ThumbaCam_2012-09-02_18-37-45

Yay! You made it to the bottom! That’s what happens when you condense a whole summer into one blog post.

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