Gray and Granular

Fall has come in a rather sporadic fashion here in Seattle; The city can’t decide whether to be sparkling and sunny or subdued and gray. Everything seems a bit shiner when it’s sunny, and more grainy when it’s gray.

Whatever the weather may be, we have begun to reap our fall harvest. We made apple pie with apples from our tree, and our pumpkins are round a ready to be picked. In addition to that, this afternoon I  spied Sammy sitting solitarily in the backyard.DSC_0002DSC_0029DSC_0004DSC_0009DSC_0007DSC_0012DSC_0019DSC_0036DSC_0023DSC_0037

On a side note, I’m going to Prosser this weekend for the 22nd annual Prosser Balloon Rally. The balloons didn’t actually go up last year, and although I did take some pictures of the “Night Glow” and the two balloons they did inflate, I only put up these pictures of an old car junkyard on the way home. This year the balloons will hopefully go up in the air, and I will have pictures to share with you all!

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One thought on “Gray and Granular

  1. Was this just to show off where beauty resides within nature, and the color gray? I like it alot, very creative.

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